Carriage Hill Wood Crafters

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Specializing in Heirloom quality furniture, repairs, and restorations

Carriage Hill Woodcrafters is a full service business committed to quality, expert craftsmanship, and a basic love of wood working, furniture repair, furniture restorations, and antique clock repair and restorations. Through the years, we have evolved into a major workshop that is capable of handling the smallest jewelry box to a complete home of furniture. With over 30 years of experience in furniture building, furniture repair, furniture restorations, and antique clock repair and restorations, we can handle any restoration need.

Carriage Hill Wood Crafters welcomes the opportunity to explore your functional needs while creating beautiful, distinct, quality furnishings for your individual environment. Please enjoy browsing our website and feel free to contact me for a free consultation or a free quote.

Quality Furniture

Carriage Hill Wood Crafters has been in business since 1985, creating custom pieces of furniture for both home and office and is carefully crafted to the specifications of the individual customer.
We do not carry items "in stock", as each project is distinctive and personal. That why it is custom.

Your furniture can be made from the wood of your choice, such as Birch, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut, Pine, Cedar, or Alder. We also use exotic woods, such as Bubinga, Pauduk, Zebra, Coa, and many more.

 We use Sherwin Williams Premium Quality Oil Based Wood Stains only. Stains will vary in color and tone, depending on the species of wood to which they are applied. Since no two trees are identical, wood can be expected
to differ in both color and graining. The natural tone of fine woodwork owes most of its charm to  these variations in color and grain. When designing a project for you, stains will be applied to a wood sample to determine the exact color for your project.  Stains can also be custom-blended to match existing furniture or woodwork.   Perhaps you need to match other furniture in the room, or fit a certain space, or satisfy multiple needs... your custom built furniture is made to order with the features that you may envision.

All pieces are high-quality, all wood products that are....built to last.    

For Exotic wood species, it may be best not to apply stain, thus exhibiting the natural beauty if the species wood grain.


Furniture Repairs

Carriage Hill Wood Crafters engages in the repair of you prized furniture such as:

  • Repair, Re-glue, Refinish

  • Touch-up of Burns - Dents - Scratches

  • Revive old finishes

  • Veneer repair and inlay services

  • Hand -strip and refinish with shellac, lacquer or pre-catalyzed lacquer

  • Make missing parts and recreating irreparable parts

  • Structural repairs

  • Lathe work

  • Beveled Mirror Replacement

  • Chair Caning

  • Major Structural repairs


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